Our Crumb

Most of you know us as friends or family or as the owners of The Sparrow Bakery, a funky little cafe in Bend’s (Or) old industrial area.  What some (but not all) of you know is that Micah’s real dream of running a bread bakery (as opposed to a pastry centric cafe like Sparrow) has been painfully unrealized.  Well, the news is we recently leased a truly quarky ex-donut shop on East 3rd Street here in Bend, and the plan is to bake up some fly baguettes (& much more).  The name “LaVoy” is Micah’s maternal family name.  As a special 30th birthday gift (sometimes burden) Micah has the opportunity to build his dream kitchen which, like each of his kitchens, is guaranteed to be both smart and beautiful.  We invite you to watch us bust our humps here on this blog!


  1. Mazol tov! Here’s to painfully unrealized dreams being realized (without too much pain).
    We await the hot and crusty wonders.
    Thor says: “tis better to bust your hump than hump your bust.”
    Ah, wisdom.

  2. This is incredibly exciting for you both! We wish you all the best.

    I talked to Daniel today, he’s in LA for his spring break. He said you guys were busy. It looks like it! 🙂

    We have a start-up business blog too. http://judgementproof.blogspot.com

    We look forward to following your journey.

    XOXO, Liz & Paul

  3. Good job. Love that little place. When we were looking to move to Bend it was one of the places I got coffee and doughnuts. Now that it’s gone, so are we, but we’ll be back to taste the treats from LaVoy some day.


  4. Love seeing the pictures. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Hi Whitney and Micah!

    The space looks awesome so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product, but more importantly to taste some of the orgasmic breads when we come to visit in June.

    Keep up the great work!! Bend lives and grows!!

  6. mix, form, linens, proof, punch, form, bake. unless something goes “a-rye”, pumpernickel.

  7. Dear friends,
    Thank you for giving us a view into this next chapter in your life. I’m excited and anxious for you both. And we are both very eager to cast our noses to the wind and follow that smell of fresh baked bread to your doorsteps when we return to Bend later this month.
    love, kris and carol

  8. How exciting,at last Micah!!!
    We love seeing the transition keep the pix coming!!
    Just wish we could get some Ocean Rolls in Beaufort!!
    Can’t wait to see the exciting new tastes you come up with.
    Mail Order ????!!!!
    luf ya.

  9. Keep up the good work you schmucks .

  10. Thanks for the extra 5 lbs I’ve gained since you opened:) Got some great pics this am at our stop by Bread LaVoy if you are interested in seeing or using them.

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